Spirit of the Mountains – Peru 2023

Spirit of the Mountains – Peru 2023

My October journey to Peru was filled with momentous awakenings, healings and awe-inspiring visits to sacred sites. I hadn’t traveled to my beloved Peru since 2017 and I was truly filled with gratitude that my health and other circumstances allowed me to return. I was blessed to have my Granddaughter, Victoria, join me on this journey so that we could experience the magic and mysticism together.

Our journey began on Apu Ausangate. This sacred Mountain has been working with me, protecting me, and teaching me for many years and it continued with it’s lessons as we camped at 16,000 feet in very cold temperatures. Lucio, our Shaman took us through prayers, cleansings and healings that I will continue to carry in my heart.

Following this journey, I had an amazing group join us as our wonderful guide Ruli, and our amazing Shaman, Berna, took us to one sacred site after another to learn and heal. We received a multitude of blessings: a double rainbow on Machu Picchu and 3 Condors that blessed us as we traveled by horse on Acomayo.

Ruli and Berna took us to Inca Tunuhuiri that sits above Lake Titicaca in the Puno Region. This is an ancient ceremonial center surrounded by stone block walls and human form carvings. As I sat and meditated I could feel the ancient energies of the wise priests and healers that resided and practiced in this ceremonial center. They reinforced for me that I am in service to all my relations. There was so much more and I will post more in the days to come.

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