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Healing with Love, Passion and Integrity Grounded in Andean Teachings

All healing sessions & classes are held in Columbia, MD

Energy Healing Services and counseling

Elevate Your Well-being Through Shamanic and Energy Healing

Harriet McMahon PH.D a Shamanic Practitioner with over 35 years of experience in energy medicine, offers a range of services, including energy clearing, soul recovery, and spiritual counseling. Through her expert guidance, clients can safely explore personal growth, discover passions, and release old patterns, finding self-empowerment in the process.

Upcoming Classes & Events

Creative Growth and Healing offers a wide variety of Shamanic and Energy Healing Classes, Events, and Workshops. Check out our upcoming dates below!

Reiki Master Class in Columbia, MD
September 28-29, 2024

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What We Offer

Healing with Love, Passion, and Integrity

Shamanic Counseling & Healing

Shamanic Healing includes Counseling, Soul Retrieval and variations of Energy Healing. This service will support the individual needs of each client to provide healing of the body, mind and spirit. As a shamanic practitioner I am trained to track that energy and cleanse it from the field.

Energy Healing & Readings

Energy Healing helps a client recognize and then release fears and blockages that they have placed on themselves or what others have placed on them. This work empowers an individual to co-create their reality, which is an important part of one's personal healing and growth.


At Creative Growth and Healing, we honor the lineage and teachings of Usui Reiki, offering sessions that aim to balance the body, mind, and spirit. We use hands-on techniques to channel universal energy, promoting healing, stress relief, and a deep sense of peace. Begin your journey towards wellness and discover the profound benefits of Usui Reiki.

Events & Workshops

Learn the fundamentals of Reiki, advance through its levels, and master the art of energy healing. Dive into the realm of the spirit with our Shamanic Journey of Light workshops, connecting with your inner wisdom through ancient practices. Additionally, join our spiritual retreats and special events to nurture your soul, expand your spiritual community, and embark on transformative journeys of self-discovery.


In a world where connection is more important than ever, we invite you to join our vibrant community dedicated to healing, growth, and support. Whether you're seeking solace, guidance, or simply a sense of belonging, our community welcomes you with open arms.

Where Do I Start?

If you are new to Creative Growth & Healing or have questions about services, call Harriet for a phone consultation. You can also send a message.