In First-Degree Reiki you will learn the history of Reiki, receive a Reiki I attunement that will allow  you to access the Reiki energy, and learn through hands-on experience in using the Reiki energy for others and yourself.    

In Second-Degree Reiki students  will learn how to apply the three Reiki symbols to empower their Reiki  healing sessions.  They will learn how to manifest goals and how to do  absentee healing.  Students will receive a Second-Degree Reiki attunement.    

In Third-Degree Reiki (Master  level) students will learn additional symbols and healing techniques  that will enhance their practice.  Some of these techniques include working with a Reiki grid and psychic surgery.  Students will learn how to give attunements and teach classes. They will also receive several  attunements. 


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Please call Harriet @ 410-262-5628 to express interest in upcoming Reiki classes.

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