Community and the Unthinkable Relationship

Community and the Unthinkable Relationship

When I first heard the term “unthinkable relationship” from my Andean teacher I immediately assumed that he was going to speak of a relationship that we don’t want to engage. I thought he would speak of the unthinkable relationship as one that was filled with ego and control. As a student I thought those words would indicate a relationship that one would want to avoid. I was wrong.

What is the unthinkable relationship? The words that my teachers have used to describe this state of being are truth and integrity. Integrity is harmony within us; therefore the first unthinkable relationship must be created with self. Creating the unthinkable relationship with oneself and another being is an opportunity to achieve the wonderful principle of the Andes called Ayni, which means reciprocity. In the Andes the Q’ero have an unthinkable relationship with Pachamama (Earth). They reside at high altitudes in an environment that can be very harsh. Through ceremony, respect, and Ayni with the earth they have transcended into an unthinkable relationship. In my shamanic practice Ayni is the foundation of all healing, ceremony, ritual, and our lives. When I was in Peru, I was invited to revisit all my relationships to determine if Ayni was present and I realized that to obtain unthinkable relationships we must strive to have those relationships devoid of ego.

The unthinkable relationship is an intimate relationship with self, others, Pachamama (earth) and creator, which to me means being in a relationship without fear and drama. The soul is always striving to evolve as it reincarnates from lifetime to lifetime sometimes experiencing difficult lessons through these journeys. As we enter into these relationships it is an opportunity to share that part of you with others who can support you through that transformation or journey and that you in return can lend support, encouragement and honesty to that person and/or community. How beautiful to share such an intimate and sacred part of oneself and to be safe in doing so.

We have entered a time of cosmic transformation when a tremendous responsibility has fallen on our shoulders for our world to evolve and survive. It is of importance that all of us revisit our relationships to strive to create Ayni or the“unthinkable relationship”. To bring in this spiritual shiftwe must all be aware of our thoughts and actions. Dwelling in fear, anger and distrust of one another helps to create fear, anger and distrust in our world. I invite you all to revisit your relationships and to strive to transcend into the “unthinkable relationship” beginning with yourself, your family and your relationship to our Mother – the earth. Our thoughts, words, and actions are living energy and if we can each make these shifts within our own lives imagine how much impact it can have on the world.

I have been truly blessed with this “unthinkable relationship” through my many collaborations with individuals and groups. Working with these various relationships and organizations has made an imprint on my heart of joy and gratitude. How wonderful to see community coming together as a collective consciousness to celebrate and raise the vibration and light not only for oneself, family, community but for our Mother Earth. The unthinkable relationship created by GLW allows unconditional love, healing, friendships and so much more, to occur for many people.

It is time for us to remember who we are and return to the sacred space of our hearts and to live in Ayni with each other and our planet – to embrace the unthinkable relationship. It is my intention to provide people with the opportunity to connect more deeply to the earth, their community, and their own essential selves. It is time to move from ego and allow the heart to be our navigation system, not only each individual’s heart but the collective heartbeat and the heart of Mother Earth and our Spiritual/Cosmic family.

I continue to look forward to offering my services as a spiritual healer and teacher within my community. I have been practicing energy medicine for many years and have studied the energy medicine traditions of a variety of shamanic cultures. I have been so blessed on my journey which has taken me through amazing healing, joy, and self-discovery. If you are interested, please join me in our practitioner training program that will provide you with an opportunity to transform, heal, and rediscover the essential self as well as reawaken your love for Mother Earth and all her relations.

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