Meditation & Prayer

Meditation & Prayer

As a Medicine Woman who has been a practitioner and student of meditation and prayer for 40 plus years, I am asked numerous times from my students, what is the difference between meditation and prayer. I will share my knowledge and as I stress to my students: continue to search, practice and learn and then come back and teach me.

Meditation promotes relaxation, quieting of the mind, and it allows oneself to just be. During meditation you are providing a space for communication, guidance, and wisdom to flow.

In meditation you are not trying to achieve anything. You are letting go. Meditating allows you to become centered, grounded, and present. When practicing Meditation, you are opening your heart to step into your authentic self and to allow your guides, guardians, angels, power animals, masters and teachers to communicate with you and to provide guidance and wisdom. It is when we are quiet, and in that void, that we can gain clarity and create.

Prayer is a method for one to offer their deliberate thoughts, intentions, and emotions to Source. You may use an invocation or written prayer or just words that come from one’s heart. There is no wrong when you are in your heart. It comes naturally. Your prayers don’t have to be poetic or filled with eloquent words. It just must come from the heart. When you are in your heart there is no wrong way.

Prayer is not confined to specific rituals or moments, but can be an ongoing, heartfelt dialogue with Source (God, Jesus, Buddha, Mother Earth, Universe, etc.) and guides.

As a Medicine Woman and practitioner of Energy Medicine, I find it is important that we set aside time(s) every day to offer prayers, not only for oneself, family, and community, but also for the planet.

My prayer to the elements:

Loving Mother Earth – ground me to your heart and fill me with your living life force. Teach me and guide me to always be in service to all my relations.

Sacred Waters – wash over me this day; transforming all my heavy energy to light and filling me with divinity and new life. Teach me to be in the flow with Spirit.

Beautiful Winds – blow away anything that no longer supports me and fill me with freedom and lightness of being. Liberate me that I may I hear the messages of Spirit in your voice.

Powerful Fire – transmute all my heavy energy, filling me with vitality and warmth. Ignite my passion in all that I do.

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